Articles about transhumanism, a philosophical movement about transcending biological boundaries.

Transhumanism Art & Artists: 8 examples

Transhumanism art. What are visionary artists on transhumanism? A couple of examples: Agi Haines, Orlan & Cirque Du Soleil. Paintings, photo's, performances & more! Most of the transhumanism technologies are about improving skills that we already possess as human beings. That’s not surprising, because that is our starting point. But perhaps in the future, humans will use some of these technologies for very different purposes. In addition to movies and books that explore this idea, there are also plenty of ...

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Transhumanism in Movies & Series: 10 tips

Transhumanism Movies. Examples of Transhumanism in Movies & Films about transhumanism: 10 tips! Bonus: best 3 documentaries about transhumanism. More about transhumanism This article is about transhumanism movies. Other articles about this topic are: what is transhumanism, technology, books, and art. Transhumanism in Movies This is my video on YouTube on transhumanism in movies: 8 tips in 5 themes. Let me know: what is your favorite movie? My video about transhumanism movies Which series, films and fiction books touch ...

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Transhumanism in Books: Top 3 & Science Fiction tips

Transhumanism books. What are the best books on transhumanism. Top 3 books about transhumanism: O'Connel, Kurzweill & Harari. Bonus: science fiction top 5 and best books about human enhancement. This article is about transhumanism books. Other articles about this topic are: what is transhumanism, technologies, movies and art. Best book about transhumanisme What is the best book about transhumanism? My personal favorite is the book To be a Machine by the Irish author Mark O'Connel. This is because the writer ...

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Transhumanism Technology: current examples (5x)

Transhumanism technology! What is transhumanism technology? Examples, technologies & methods: mind uploading, superintelligence and cryogenic preservation. This article is about transhumanism technologies. Other articles about this topic are: what is transhumanism, books, movies and art. What are transhumanism technologies? These are currently the most prominent ideas about transhumanism technologies: Cryogenic suspension: freezing your body or brain; Mind uploading: being conscious on a machine or in the cloud; Superintelligence: the rise of artificial intelligence; Robots & Cyborgs: not dependent on our ...

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Longevity & Immortality: Methods & Impact

Living longer. How can you live longer? Would you like to grow old in good health? What should you eat and what kind of lifestyle changes should you make? What scientific developments are taking place concerning longevity? How are technological developments going to help us extend our lives? And why do companies and corporations also have an interest in this? Growing old I personally try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. In fact, I’m willing to try out ...

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What is Transhumanism? Definition & Trends

What is transhumanism? Definition of transhumanism. What is its meaning and origin? What does transhumanism have to do with technology, science and singularity? What is the impact of this on me as a person and humanity? What are the dangers of transhumanism? What is my opinion about this? Other articles about this topic: transhumanism technologies, transhumanism movies and series, books and art. What is transhumanism? What is transhumanism? It is not a thing but a philosophy. Transhumanists (supporters of this ...

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