Top 8 WTF! moments of 2021

Wow! The year 2021 is almost over. I don't know about you, but with the pandemic, the year feels like a blur. Sometimes I think: 'Did the pandemic start this year or last year?' Aside from COVID, there was still plenty going on in the world. And you can find all kinds of reminiscences, from politics, to sports and showbiz. My own expertise lies in the fields of human enhancement, transhumanism, cyborgs, and technology ethics. Below, I therefore share the ...

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Technology Ethics: Definition, Issues & Examples (8x)

Technology ethics. What is that? What kind of ethical dilemmas does technology bring about? How does technology influence our morals? What are some examples of this, what impact does it have on society, and what are the risks? By the way, I wrote a separate article about human enhancement ethics. 🤖 And, also related: What is the impact of technology on society? Ethics of technology What is the ethics of technology? A lot of people talk about technology ethics, but ...

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