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Peter Joosten is futurist, biohacker en spreker. Hij geeft lezingen, webinars en workshops over mensverbetering en de impact daarvan op de mens en maatschappij. Naast spreker is hij ook auteur van de boeken Biohacking en Supermens, podcastmaker en gastdocent bij de TU Eindhoven.

Genetic Engineering in Humans. 5 Examples

Genetic manipulation and modification in humans. What is the CRISPR/Cas9 technology about? How does it work? What are the pros and cons? What are the examples of where it is already happening? What are the consequences? I will explain all of this in this article. How does CRISPR/Cas9? CRISPR means Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. Together with the enzyme Cas9, scientists can use this technology to process DNA very accurately. This is a form of genetic modification. The terms ...

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Top 8 WTF! moments of 2021

Wow! The year 2021 is almost over. I don't know about you, but with the pandemic, the year feels like a blur. Sometimes I think: 'Did the pandemic start this year or last year?' Aside from COVID, there was still plenty going on in the world. And you can find all kinds of reminiscences, from politics, to sports and showbiz. My own expertise lies in the fields of human enhancement, transhumanism, cyborgs, and technology ethics. Below, I therefore share the ...

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What are Cyborgs? Definition, Movies & 8 Examples

Cyborg. What are Cyborgs? Definition, meaning, philosophy (with Cyborg Manifesto), movies (my top 5!), companies & 8 examples of cyborgs. What is a cyborg? What is a cyborg? The word cyborg comes from the term cybernetic organism: the physical amalgamation of human and machine. Other terms for cyborg are artificial human, a mix of human and machine, or a bionic human. The examples that most appeal to the imagination come from films, series and books. I personally think of Inspector ...

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Cyberpunk 2077: Ripperdoc Upgrades (11x)

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game released at the end of 2020 for Xbox, PS5 and PC. As a biohacker, what do I think of this game? A review with an explanation about the Cyberpunk genre, interesting upgrades and the pros and cons of the game. This is an overview of the article: In the past: about the games Deus Ex and WolvensteinThe Cyberpunk genreBiohacking in Cyberpunk 2077Review of Cyberpunk 2077 Finally, a list of sources and place to leave a ...

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What is Human Augmentation?

Human Augmentation. Definition, 4 examples & impact. What is human augmentation? What are examples and techniques of human augmentation? What is human augmentation? Human augmentation focuses on cognitive and physical improvement by adding or expanding (bodily) functions with the help from technological means [link below]. An example of cognitive improvement is a headband that stimulates certain brain areas for more focus and concentration. The use of a bionic lower leg to be able to run faster or jump higher is ...

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Biohackers Netflix Series: Review (2x) & 2 Tips

Biohackers, a German series on Netflix. What is the series about? Preview & review of series on biohacking. Both season 1 and 2! Why should you watch it? Bonus: extra viewing tips for Netflix! Series Biohackers The Biohackers series was shot in Germany. The series consists of six parts and is mainly set in the city of Freiburg (although the city of Munich is also one of the film locations according to IMDB). The actors in the series speak German. ...

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Transhumanism Art & Artists: 8 examples

Transhumanism art. What are visionary artists on transhumanism? A couple of examples: Agi Haines, Orlan & Cirque Du Soleil. Paintings, photo's, performances & more! Most of the transhumanism technologies are about improving skills that we already possess as human beings. That’s not surprising, because that is our starting point. But perhaps in the future, humans will use some of these technologies for very different purposes. In addition to movies and books that explore this idea, there’s also plenty of artists ...

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Transhumanism in Movies & Series: 10 tips

Transhumanism Movies. Examples of Transhumanism in Movies & Films about transhumanism: 10 tips! Bonus: best 3 documentaries about transhumanism. More about transhumanism This article is about transhumanism movies. Other articles about this topic are: what is transhumanism, technology, books, and art. Transhumanism in Movies This is my video on YouTube on transhumanism in movies: 8 tips in 5 themes. Let me know: what is your favorite movie? https://youtu.be/cqMgyZyzC5Q My video about transhumanism movies Which series, films and fiction books touch ...

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Transhumanism in Books: Top 3 & Science Fiction tips

Transhumanism books. What are the best books on transhumanism. Top 3 books about transhumanism: O'Connel, Kurzweill & Harari. Bonus: science fiction top 5 and best books about human enhancement. This article is about transhumanism books. Other articles about this topic are: what is transhumanism, technologies, movies and art. Best book about transhumanisme What is the best book about transhumanism? My personal favorite is the book To be a Machine by the Irish author Mark O'Connel. This is because the writer ...

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