Articles about technological trends and developments, including the impact, benefits and risks.

These are the (technological) trends for 2023

What are the most relevant and exciting trends for 2023? In this article, I discuss my fascination with technological developments, such as artificial intelligence, automation, generative AI, synthetic biology and precision fermentation. But not only technology is relevant. What is going on around climate change and what are social issues? Finally, I interviewed four future thinkers about their vision of 2023, namely Thomas D'hooge and Lien De Ruyck, Stefan Buijsman and Marjolein Pijnappels. Lien and Thomas Marjolein Stefan Technological developments ...

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Top 8 tech trends of 2021

Wow! The year 2021 is almost over. I don't know about you, but with the pandemic, the year feels like a blur. Sometimes I think: 'Did the pandemic start this year or last year?' Aside from COVID, there was still plenty going on in the world. And you can find all kinds of reminiscences, from politics, to sports and showbiz. Developments 2021 Below, I therefore share the eight moments that stood out to me. From brain games to genetic modification ...

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What is Neuralink? Brain chip by Elon Musk

What is Neuralink? Neuralink explained: chip, experiments in pig Gertrude and monkey. How Neuralink works & vision of Elon Musk (cyborgs). Elon Musk Neuralink Halfway 2017 Elon Musk came in the news with Neuralink for the first time. The company wants to expand the human intelligence with artificial intelligence by implanting a chip in the head. More specific: this company wants to be able to intervene on the neurons in the brain. I have structured this article as follows: Video: ...

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Technology Ethics: Definition, Issues & Examples

Technology ethics. What is that? What kind of ethical dilemmas does technology bring about? How does technology influence our morals? What are some examples of this, what impact does it have on society, and what are the risks? By the way, I wrote a separate article about human enhancement ethics.And, also related: What is the impact of technology on society? Ethics of technology What is the ethics of technology? A lot of people talk about technology ethics, but what does ...

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Futurist Speaker: Top 12 + Key Developments

Futurist. What is the meaning of futurist, futurologist or futurologist? What are well-known futurists? What are the key developments for the future? What are 3 characteristics? What are opportunities, and what are risks? Bonus: trends for business, healthcare, education & government highlighted! Futurist meaning What is a futurist? What is the meaning of the word futurist? A futurist thinks about the future: what are developments that will impact people, organizations, institutions, business, government and society. Futurists do this based on ...

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Futurist Technology: 9 developments & 6 megatrends

A trendwatcher and futurist reflects on (technological) developments. What are the technological developments with the greatest impact? This is what I and other trendwatchers and futurists see for the coming years. From blockchain to self-driving cars, from graphene to data storage, from renewable energy to quantum computing. What is a trendwatcher? What is a trend watcher? This is my definition of a trendwatcher: a trendwatcher examines trends and developments in the coming years, whether technological, social, cultural, political or environmental. ...

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