My name is Peter Joosten (1984) and I am a biohacker and future thinker. I studied Business Administration (Bachelor), Business Development (Master) and Journalism (Minor) at the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen, the Netherlands.

In the spring of 2020, I studied science journalism in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2019, I was a student at the Biohack Academy of the Waag Amsterdam and in the summer of that year, I attended the School of Bioethics at the Pontifical Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum and the Università Europea di Roma, Italy.

I mainly give lectures, workshops and webinars about human enhancement and its impact on people and society. In addition, I make the Dutch Supermens podcast, write articles and am the author of the Dutch books Biohacking (2018) and Supermens (2020, Bot Uitgevers).

As a guest lecturer I am affiliated with Eindhoven University of Technology (Master Human Technology Interaction) and the Next Nature Academy (theme: human enhancement).


This is an overview of things I do:

  • Lectures and webinars about the impact of technology on humans, healthcare, government, business and society
  • Scenario planning workshops for various organizations
  • Author Dutch books Supermens (2020, Bot Uitgevers) and Biohacking (2018, Project Leven)
  • Host podcast Supermens (Dutch iTunes top 10, Technology category)
  • Guest lecturer at Eindhoven University of Technology and affiliated with the Next Nature Academy
  • Expert in various media, such as BBC, MIT Sloan Magazine and Business Insider

These are my additional functions:

  • Member advisory group Future of the Body of the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends


I am featured in several Dutch and international media to talk about human enhancement, biohacking and the impact of technology on our lives.

A selection of the international features:

  • Article in [Japan]
  • Interview BBC [United Kingdom]
  • Interview Business Insider [United States]
  • Podcast Break it down show [United States]
  • Interview MIT Sloan Magazine [Poland]
  • Interview Innpoland [Poland]
  • Podcast How to live to 200 [United States]
  • Podcast Bio Alchemy: the daily biohacking podcast [Australia]
  • Podcast Future Based [the Netherlands]
  • Podcast Decoding Superhuman [United States]
  • Podcast The Biohacking Secrets Show [United States]
  • Article VC Earth [China]
  • Article The Superhuman Era is coming – or are we already there? [United Kingdom]
  • Article De hackar systemet för att förvandla sig till supermänniskor [Sweden]
  • Several Dutch media, see all the features on this page on Peter’s Dutch website.

Interview BBC

Break It Down Show

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