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Peter Joosten is futurist, biohacker en spreker. Hij geeft lezingen, webinars en workshops over mensverbetering en de impact daarvan op de mens en maatschappij. Naast spreker is hij ook auteur van de boeken Biohacking en Supermens, podcastmaker en gastdocent bij de TU Eindhoven.

Transhumanism Technology: current examples (5x)

Transhumanism technology! What is transhumanism technology? Examples, technologies & methods: mind uploading, superintelligence and cryogenic preservation. This article is about transhumanism technologies. Other articles about this topic are: what is transhumanism, books, movies and art. What are transhumanism technologies? These are currently the most prominent ideas about transhumanism technologies: Cryogenic suspension: freezing your body or brain;Mind uploading: being conscious on a machine or in the cloud;Superintelligence: the rise of artificial intelligence;Robots & Cyborgs: not dependent on our biological bodies;Hive mind: ...

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Human Enhancement in the Military: 5 methods

Human Enhancement Military. What are experiments in the military? 5 methods, ranging from drugs to exoskeletons and brain-computer interfaces. To start, when I think about human enhancement in the military the image of movies like Edge of Tomorrow come to mind (picture above). This is the structure of this article: Enhancing soldiersMethodsDestruction first: why the military?Movies about super-soldiers. At the end of this article is a list of resources, and you leave a comment with your question or remark. By ...

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Human Enhancement Movies. Best films & series (7x)

Human Enhancement Movies and Series. What are the best (science fiction) movies about human enhancement and human augmentation? My top 7 tips for movies and top 5 tips for series. By the way, I have written an extensive article about this topic: what is human enhancement, technologies (like genetic modification and drugs), and ethics. Movies human enhancement I made a video on YouTube about human enhancement movies in five themes and nine movies: https://youtu.be/QVqPikpO0kQ The best nine movies about human ...

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Human Enhancement Research, Scientists & Journals

Human Enhancement Research, Scientists & Journals. What are the best articles, journals (3x) and meetings (9x) on human enhancement science? This article dives into human enhancement as a field of research itself. By the way, I have written an extensive article about human enhancement, and also about technologies (like genetic modification and drugs), ethics, and movies. In this article I write about these topics: JournalsMeetings, like conferences and symposiaProjectsScientistsApproaches and classification of human enhancement technologies Journals in this domain Journals ...

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Human Enhancement Ethics. Debate & 3 Cases

Human enhancement ethics. Is human enhancement ethical? How can you asses the impact of human augmentation technologies? Incl. current debate on this topic! By the way, I have written an extensive article about human enhancement, and also about technologies (like genetic modification and drugs), research, and movies. 🤖 Ethics of human enhancement I read the book The Ethics of Human Enhancement: understanding the debate. In this video I tell you what I learned from this book. The video is published on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/IPhbQjCqFgs My video about The ...

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Human Enhancement Technologies: 7 Examples

Human enhancement technologies. What are examples of human enhancement technologies? What are future augment technologies? Incl. definition, benefits & risks Technology human enhancement Human Enhancement is about the use of science and technologies to upgrade, enhance and/or change human capabilities and functions. On my YouTube channel I made this video to explain this term, examples of technologies, and its implications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHHg3QF5oxo My video about human enhancement Human Enhancement Examples I describe the following methods and applications in this article, with ...

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Human Enhancement Drugs. Examples (4x) & Effect

Human Enhancement Drugs. Definition and examples of performance and cognition Enhancing Drugs. Incl. 4 categories, risks & impact! Drugs for human enhancement Modifying your physical capabilities or enhancing your mood using pharmaceuticals no longer carries the social stigma that it used to. As scientist John Hoberman points out, we live in an era of 'lifestyle medicine', in which people feel empowered to change important aspects of themselves to better match their potential [link at the bottom]. According to him, this ...

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Human Genetic Enhancement: Methods & Case studies

Human genetic engineering. CRISPR/cas9 DNA editing of humans. What is the current status? What are the benefits and risks? Including three case studies of DIY Human genetic enhancement and two documentary tips! By the way, I have written an extensive article about this topic: what is Human enhancement, and also about technologies (like drugs), ethics, and movies. Human Genetic Enhancement Genetic modification is a method that has increasingly been in the media in recent years. It is also known as genetic manipulation or genetic engineering. With CRISPR/cas9 ...

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What is Neuralink? Brain chip by Elon Musk

What is Neuralink? Neuralink explained: chip, experiments in pig Gertrude and monkey. How Neuralink works & vision of Elon Musk (cyborgs). Elon Musk Neuralink Halfway 2017 Elon Musk came in the news with Neuralink for the first time. The company wants to expand the human intelligence with artificial intelligence by implanting a chip in the head. More specific: this company wants to be able to intervene on the neurons in the brain. I have structured this article as follows: Video: ...

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